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First Home





Whatever your lending needs are, we can help.

Our goal is to get you the best loan structure and rate on the market.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge of the lending process for FREE 

Buying your first home?

Buying your first home can be both an exciting and a scary time! Mylend will help you to make informed decisions so you can buy with certainty and control.


Can you withdraw your KiwiSaver? Do you qualify for the Home Start grant? We can guide you through this process.


Mylend works with you directly to secure your lending with the right bank. We will take care of all the detail, so you can concentrate on the exciting stuff! Plus, you don't pay us for our time and expertise, the bank does! Talk to us now to get your pre-approval underway!


Refinancing is an important phase of managing your mortgage debt and staying in control. 


By refinancing your existing lending, it can give you flexibility with your repayments, and it can obtain you a better interest rate by a competing bank. Additionally, you may be able to pay off your lending faster as well! 

It can also be a great way of consolidating existing personal debt into your home lending. Talk to us today about giving you back the control of your lending. You owe it to yourself!

Building a new home?

Building a new home or adding to your portfolio?


Mylend works closely with you throughout your build to ensure the process is seamless and straightforward. We will get your lending pre-approved, then look after you throughout the building process. We intercepting progress invoices as they are due. It's a great way to keep the builders in check with their invoicing schedule!

Talk to us today if you are considering building, we have many helpful hints on how to keep the lending simple!

Are you self-employed?

Being self-employed provides a flexible lifestyle, but can often prohibit your lending.


But it really isn't the case. Banks are more than happy to lend to those that are self-employed!

At Mylend we will represent you, working directly with the banks on your behalf. We get the job done faster and more efficiently saving time and getting to the end goal. Also... we love a challenge!


Investing is an exciting part of lending.

Often clients are leveraged up with existing properties and are needing to borrow more money to purchase additional dwellings. We work everything out for you, taking the stress out of trying to explain everything to the bank.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of creativity to make a solution come to fruition! Let us use our experience to help you achieve these investment goals!

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First Home
Self Employed

It truly is Lending made simple.

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